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It’s great advice but it’s also something heaps of us forget to do daily.

With crime on the rise and our ever-increasingly busy lives, be it heading off to work, school, or just a quick pop down to the shops, we unintentionally leave our homes unsecure creating opportunities for break-ins.

Even here in New Zealand, people tend to think they’re rather safe, so we just pull the door shut behind us and go about our merry way, but strangely enough, someone can be waiting to walk right in behind you.

The easiest way to deter a criminal is by installing a Deadbolt and using it. If you move into a new home and it doesn’t have a deadbolt, install one or ask the landlord to have one fitted.

Deadbolts are the single most important security feature in a home.

Deadbolts come in three main categories:
  • Single cylinder deadbolts are the most common, securing the door by using a key from outside and a thumb turn on the inside. This incorporates security from outside and ease to exit in case of emergency.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts work with a key on both sides, but not allowed in most areas. Should an emergency occur, getting trapped inside is a real concern, especially in the event of a fire.
  • Digital deadbolts. If you keep locking yourself out, consider a digital deadbolt that allows you to input a personal code to unlock the door. These locks can be programmed to automatically lock up behind you.

As for renters, owning your own deadbolt can be a good long-term investment. A lot of people don’t realize that if you purchased your own locks, when you move into a new home, you can replace the existing locks with your locks. With permission, remove and store the landlords old lock and its parts in a plastic bag, and reinstall them on your way out.

If installing a lock yourself seems too intimidating,  get “Lance the Locksmith” a local, professional locksmith to do it for you. Lance the Locksmith – 021 188 8048.

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