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locksmith lower hutt upper hutt
locksmith lower hutt

Securing the Wellington regions of Petone, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, and Porirua

Call 021 188 8048 or email
9am – 4pm Monday to Friday
Contact me to discuss anything you need to do with locks, keys or general security at your home or business. With over 40 years of experience as a locksmith, there isn’t much that Lance the Locksmith can’t help you with.
Lance the Locksmith installs deadbolts form increased security
A deadbolt is an easy way to increase the security of any door.

I can fit different types of deadbolts depending on your requirements, and whether you need a key or latch on the inside of the door. I can also key one or more deadbolts to your existing door keys.

unlock door in lower hutt
Have you got a locked door that you can’t unlock?

Give me a call and I can come and open it for you. Depending on what was stopping you unlocking it, we can repair the lock, re-key it, or replace it for you so you don’t have the problem again.

lock repairs lower hutt
Locks can start playing up for a number of reasons. Don’t worry, I can help.

It could be some lock maintenance you need, or a lock repair. I can come to you and do whatever work your locks need to get them working properly again.

locksmith upper hutt
Many people have experienced that moment when they snap a key off in a lock.

Don’t panic, just call Lance the Locksmith. I can remove the broken key from the lock and cut you a replacement key if needed, all at you home or business.

rekey locksmith petone
Lost your keys and don’t know who has them?

Many locks can be rekeyed so that the original keys no longer work and you have a new set of keys for the same lock. I can also key locks alike so one key opens multiple, or all the locks at your home or business.

locksmith hutt valley
I can advise you on the best options for key and knob sets that meet your needs and situation.

Then once you have made a choice I can supply and install the sets so you have peace of mind that your house or business is as safe as it can be.

digital locks and combination locks
No more lost keys!

Digital and combination locks are a great option for households with lots of family members, or a business with lots of staff that need access. You can also change the combination regularly, which helps keep everything secure.

install locks locksmith petone
Whether you are finishing a new build, a renovation, or just want better security, I can help

Lance the Locksmith has access to a wide range of high quality locks to fit your budget and security needs. I come to you and install them properly too.

ranch slider door locksmith wainuiomata
A lot of the locks that come on ranch sliders and screen doors aren’t great when it comes to security or durability.

While we can repair these locks, installing a new one can give you much better security and many years of trouble-free operation.

garage door locksmith
Thieves often see garages as an easy target.

Do you want your garage to be better secured, or do you just want a lock that is reliable and easy to use? I can assess your garage and suggest, supply and install the best locks to meet your needs.

door chains
Door chains and other devices like door guardians are great ways to keep you and your family safe.

I can come your home and suggest the best options for the doors you want to secure. After I install them, you know it is done right.

install window locks
There is no point having well secured doors if a thief can easily open a window.

I can install high quality locks and security stays on your windows. That way you know that your home is still safe and secure, whether your windows are open or shut.

Call 021 188 8048 or email
9am – 4pm Monday to Friday

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