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Before you head out on your Christmas holiday, take a quick walk around your home or business to make sure it is safe and secure.

Look for easy ways in and secure them, like a window that won’t close or a door that doesn’t lock properly. Also, look for anything left out that is easily transportable.

• Lock up power tools, BBQs, bikes, leaf blowers, and anything else that can be easily removed from your property. If possible, store those items in the garage or storage shed.

• Check the lights surrounding your home and consider adding solar lights to the outside.

• Trim any plants that are getting too tall to keep people from hiding behind them.

• Lock your car and remove anything that you can see, like batteries, sunglasses, extra change, electronics like cell phones, computers, iPads, and GPS units, as well as any packages. This includes taking the garage door remote with you.

• Set up a timer for the inside lights to turn off at certain times, making it look like someone may be home.

• Don’t announce your holiday plans to the world. Ask a neighbour or friend to help by moving your trash can to the road, and picking up the newspaper, mail, packages, or anything else that gets left at the door.

• Break down the cardboard boxes your gifts came in. You don’t want to advertise what Santa just brought you.

• Park a car in your driveway. If you have a car in the drive, it might deter potential thieves.

• As for the garage door, turn off the power to the opener. You can also put a Bolt or Padlock into the track, preventing the door from rolling up if the emergency release is pulled.

A criminal doesn’t care if your home is new or old, owned or rented. The level of protection you choose should satisfy your security needs along with the needs of your family. Take these tips to heart and enjoy your Christmas holiday.

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